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I hate sleeping alone.

I like knowing the snore of the girl I'm sleeping next to, and I like knowing she'll throw an arm across my chest at 3am, and I like that reciprocal warmth.

I might be a selfish person.


Hi! I live in New York now!

I'm working at starting up an electronics repair business with my friend David. It's going rocky right now, we're constantly on the cusp of making real money in a truly terrifying way.

For now, I'm staying in a long-term hotel suite (not that bad, there's a kitchen and dishwasher and separate bedrooms and decent sized living room).

I have a crush on a girl who has a boyfriend*.

Here are three good photos I have taken recently:

I gave away all my stuff** when I moved up to New York. Contrary to popular belief, this has not made me a better person. However, it has made me more mobile. In my experience, mobility is closely tied to virtue.

I am currently happy all the time, which is nice.

* I don't know if it's actually a crush. But her boyfriend is a terrible person, and she is really great, and I feel I have an obligation to get her away from him. Also I probably like her.

** I kept my laptop, camera, and a week's worth of clothes. Also I left my favorite desk and chair in my parents' garage.

Relevant Quote of 2011

every dude ive ever been with that mentioned that they liked going down on women
would declare up and down that they could make me come blah blah blah
i never believe anybody anymore
i just try to gently introduce the idea that they're wrong, and its not their fault and theres nothing i can do about it.

I feel exactly that way about the entirety of life.

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There's this girl sleeping next to me right now. She's grabbed my left foot with one of her sleeping hands and is snoring a little. I'm sitting here, reading* a bit and texting a bit and interneting a bit. And I'm thinking, "how long will I have to live in New York without having a girl that I'm this comfortable with? How long will I live in that city without a real friend?"

* The Man Who Loved Books Too Much, Allison Hoover Bartlett.

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Paying off my final student loan, 4am.

I have soaked the envelope in a lil' PBR so they'll know it's from the heart.

PS: one of the things you don't learn about being an "adult" until you're actually experiencing it: there is a constant feeling that you're both a fraud and a complete idiot. Eventually, that feeling gets comforting, and you start grinning when you catch your reflection in a passing mirror.

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Business card mock-up. For some reason, the background color here is a LOT lighter than the one I selected. Not sure what's up with that.

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I was bartending at a concert last night, and the last band was terrible so I hid in the library upstairs.

My friend Victor wandered in, and we started discussing the band who had played previously:

He didn't like the band at all, I thought they had potential:

Me: They're alright. They're a little smug, but none of them is older than 20. Give them time to be terrible for another year or two. They're too young to be good.

Victor: I agree with you... but I think this conversation means we're getting old.