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Not Actually Borges
03 January 2010 @ 01:28 am
People talk about ecstasy like it's a party drug, but so far it's been more of a Getting Shit The Fuck Done drug.

My roommates are gone for the weekend, and I've been eating ecstasy pills since about 4. So far I've cleaned the house, mopped both bathrooms, combed our new kitten, finished a late music review, and am now in the process of hacking together a wideangle lens from a door peephole and random household supplies. Also I am dancing.


Here are some pictures of my roommate Henry. I took them the night he tried mushrooms for the first time*.

Also, I spent New Year's Eve not drinking and taking pictures for the party at Graveyard. It was sort of fun trying to make the basically idiotic process of taking "party pictures," into trying to find actual good shots. I was mainly unsuccessful, but here are two that I liked.

EDIT: One of my wideangle shots:

* I am probably a bad influence.