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Not Actually Borges
24 April 2010 @ 02:16 am
Two camera dorks lectured me earlier tonight about using my popup flash to take photos at a house party. They told me I shouldn't be using a flash - instead, I should be adjusting my settings to get a shot which is correctly exposed.

Guys, please don't let your children grow up to be the sort of people who tell a photographer using a Canon D400 + stock lens not to use a flash in a nonprofessional shoot where light levels vary dramatically.

That's like telling a chef not to make themselves a grilled cheese sandwich when they're hungry and the only food they have in the kitchen is sliced bread + processed cheese.

Seriously guys, earlier tonight my roommate got punched in the stomach because my crazy ex-roommate thought the roommate was me. And I'm a lot more angry at the camera dorks than I am at the ex-roommate. Because they are terrible people on purpose. My ex-roommate is just crazy.