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Not Actually Borges
14 May 2010 @ 03:54 pm
Masha and I broke up on Monday.

It's weird to break up with someone you're living with - the first day we avoided each other a lot, and the second day we hugged a few times and sat down to talk for a good 20 minutes. This is the fourth day since our breakup. She left yesterday afternoon to go on tour with The Backpockets along with my roommate Henry as well as pretty much every other person I'd want to talk with following a break up.

Still, it hasn't been a bad week. I haven't gotten much accomplished creatively - there's a big writing assignment I've been procrastinating which is due tomorrow, and I'm probably going to be camping out at a coffeeshop all day finishing it up. Photography-wise, I really haven't been doing much for the last few weeks. But I'm working on putting together a new series which I'll probably start shooting within the week, and I've got two pay jobs coming up this month.

So the future looks decent.

As far as girls go, I have this nagging feeling that it would be really nice to spend a night or two with someone who's not looking for much besides physical companionship. But I can't bring myself to approach anyone; it's as if my genitals still think they're in a relationship.

I've also been partying way too much with my new neighbors. Here's two photos I took of Neighbor Seth Sunday night:

Oh, also I finally figured out what the trouble was with getting my diploma from Oglethorpe University. So now, two years after graduating, I'll finally have an actual physical copy of my diploma. Which is nice, even though it's not the sort of thing I'd show to anyone who wasn't a relative.