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Not Actually Borges
26 August 2010 @ 04:30 pm

I shot those this morning. I'm not sure how I think of the series - the model wanted head shots, and I guess I gave her headshots. I still wish I could have done a little more with the shoot.


In completely opposite news, I ran into my old neighbor Freddy yesterday afternoon asking for change outside the grocery store. Freddy had been my neighbor until about 5 months in to his lease, when his wife lost her job at a local big factory-type bakery. Freddy ended up having lunch with me and catching up. It sounds like Freddy's wife is staying at a women's shelter outside of town, while Freddy's staying at the notorious Peachtree and Pine Shelter*.

He's basically screwed at this point - too sick and too old to get work anywhere, and he can't spend any time with his wife because her womens' only shelter is at the far end of town. We talked for a while, and I think Freddy was happy to have a chance at conversation in a section of town where the homeless are normally ignored even more than is usual in Atlanta.

* Peachtree and Pine is Atlanta's only large shelter (it holds almost 700 people, as compared to the 100 most shelters hold). It's located on some really expensive realestate in downtown Atlanta, and it's constantly under threat of closing.